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What's all the buzz about SEO? It's about traffic. It's a well known fact that 80-90 percent users on the web begin at a search engine. SEO is all about improving your placement after a end-user searches a term. Most small web sites we visit have not had meta tags properly entered or have no tags at all minimizing the chance anyone would ever find their site.

Many myths surround what helps elevate your placement from a search. Such as 'will signing a web sites guess book give me better placement?' Actually it can. One criteria that benefits placement with some engines is the number of links that link back to your site. However these need to be 'quality links'. What makes a quality link is whether the information from one site is relevant to another. If a guest book has relevant information to yours and allows you to enter your URL you should sign in and give the web site owner a word or two about his site.

Another myth is free software submission tools, 'get listed with thousands of search engines.' These tools will get you listed with minor search engines but the top ten require manual submission. Free submission tools don't allow including the many fields required by the top engines. Therefore the top ten engines may disregard that submission. When was the last time you used Eclectic, Deoji, LatinoWeb, MiamiMall, Odd-Ball, or Yep to find information on the web? There are thousands of these engines generally targeting specific industry. So why would you only list with them?

SEO however is much more than simply gathering links to your site or site submission. Contact us and ask about our Search Engine Submission service. Let us get you higher placement over your competitors.

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