"Cool can be a lot of things. Almost the only thing it can't be is something we've already seen over and over again. We intend to include pages and designs that have due to done something unique, and something that works well for some reason, usually their attractiveness and functionality. " CoolHomePages.com
We were looking around and found that your site is very professional and unique. Your Site has been Approved....
"Cool Web Awards combines the top web site designs, logos, web site intros , flash designs and many more on one place... coolwebawards.com! All these entries are voted by the web site's visitors!" CoolWebAwards.com
"Coin for Excellence" - Presented by the Director, Air National Guard, for creation of the new Air National Guard Logo. This logo graphically represents the Director's vision and is used on all publications and media formats. Award of Excellence
Steuben Crystal Tetrahedron Award presented for as part of the Professional Photographers' Showcase in Kodak's "Journey Into Imagination" at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center, Orlando, Florida.



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