E-mail Signatures

E-mail is a good method for increasing branding. Inserting low bandwidth animated GIF's and formatting your addressing adds a professional effect seldom used. Although this only works with HTML enabled documents, statistics show that sixty percent of e-mail users have this feature.

The most commonly used is either Microsoft's Outlook or Express. For Outlook go to Tools/Options/, click on the Mail Format. This will display features for formatting and receiving e-mail. First make sure in the top drag down menu HTML is selected. The last quadrant displays 'Signature Picker'. This button will allow you to apply a custom signature.


David Sussman

 Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx
 Fax xxx-xxx-xxxx

The above examples required using the existing company logo. An element from that art was put into either 3D or 2D animation software and simple effects added. The final art is reduced to a 3-5 frame animated GIF.

* Note: Using custom E-mail signatures of this nature requires very small file sizes. You do not want to burden your recipients with slow retrieval for your mail

* Recipients who do not have a HTML e-mail account will simply received your graphic as an attachment

Sample of Outlook message with signature

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