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Explore the many uses of Macromedia's Flash

The past few years Flash has caught the imagination of developers around the world. This media has become the number one used plug-in on the Internet. It is used for interface design, 3D, animation, interactive video, presentations, and will continue to grow in the digital realm.

  Samples below display some of this software's unique features.
  Achievements Sample - This segment demonstrates condensing space use by traditional HTML methods. Content originated from a four page HTML document requiring a lengthy drill down with each page.
  Advertisement - Flash provides the capability to create television type advertisement on the web.
  Innovative - Need to produce a slide show? Give the user an added experience for viewing this type of media.
  Panoramic VR - allow visitors to explore any environment. This sample uses 360 degree photographs link from one scene to another.
  Interactive 3D - Explore an exploded diagram view in three dimensions.
  Masking Technique - hide elements to reveal an artist publication design
  Animation of PhotoShop Layers - Any composite art created in layers can easily be turned into an animated sequence. View this sample used for a CD-ROM introduction.



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