Interface designs of today use several types of media to help the user retrieve information. Media can include text, graphics, animation, images, 3D, voice or sound as well as video. There should be an emphases on the user however, rather than the media. With so many mediums available to the interface designer it is easy to overwhelm and confuse an end-user.

At CGX the art of interface design embraces two concepts. One, to grab the interest of the user and two, simplifying navigational aids for retrieving information or a message. As easy as this sounds just surf the web and you'll find over 50% of the sites published do neither.

At CGX we base our interfaces on four principles:
  Make it useful - provides a distinctive added value to users
Make it engaging
- motivates users to discover
Make it usable - easy to learn and to use
Make it appreciated
- users like and appreciate the experience

At CGX we can do this because:

  We understand human-computer interaction
We apply a proven user-centered design methodology
We innovate the interaction between product and it's users
We use professional tools & techniques
* Due to the nature of files for CD-ROMs, samples listed will be around 1MB in size

The Farmers Almanac. The intent for this project is to be able to access large amount of text information. The main navigation will access sub-topics in the above box. It will use a watermark image with those hyper links. The large box on the left will contain the actual information.

This type of interface is easy and quick for the user to understand how to extract information.

See Example

The key element for Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory's interface was branding. This design gives a strong impression for a diverse range of research and development topics.

The target audience was for college recruitment. This required a more interesting use of buttons.

See Example

These are two examples for Interface Design for CD-ROM. Let us help you design an interface for your projects. Contact us for more information.



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