CGX offers a full image manipulation service for print, web, or video, either for large-scale reproduction such as exhibits or for smaller screen resolution production. We guarantee our work to be finished in meticulous detail and our imagery pixel perfect.

At CGX we use all sources of imagery from 3D renderings to illustrations and photography blending these resources to communicate a visual message. We can dramatically increase your creative options.

Another powerful imaging technique is the editorial collage. This is the mixing of separate images to make a new reality. For instance, you have a board member photographed in front of a large window. The view in the window shows a rainy over cast day and there are bad reflections in the window. Imagine how more effective this portrait would be changing the out door scene to a dramatic night shot of the same area. Or you might just want to remove the background entirely replacing it with a studio background.

Let your imagination go and allow our digital designers execute your most demanding photographic special effects. For a complete listing and more examples of professional photographic services please visit

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