Presentations have changed since the days of Viewgraph hard copy projection. Today electronic presentations from a laptop computer is the standard. Microsoft has dominated this area with Power Point. Animation, hyper links and even interactivity can be accomplished with this software. However not many can use these extended features of this application and those who can know there are many restrictions applying it.

Let us put the power of advanced presentation techniques into your file. We can add any media enriching your show which will grab and maintain audience attention.

* Due to the nature of presentation files, samples listed will be around 1MB in size

Ever been the first presenter after an break?
The audience is talking, there may be AV personnel clanging away and staffers are not always attentive.

Get their attention with a sound/animation introduction slide. This will not only quiet the room but will make attendees wonder what else you have in store for them.

See example

This example was for the closing slide from the above presentation. It demonstrates an interesting method for ending your presentation. Also notice the animated logo. This can be a simple addition to every slide. An animated logo that does not loop.

Notice how this one element (the logo) ties into the introduction, and is used as a featured graphic for every page.

See example

These are just two examples for enhanced presentations. Let us help add advanced features to an existing presentation. Or hire us to design a show from the initial concept. Contact us for more information at



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