CGX has been making custom screen savers for several years. We offer high quality downloadable screen savers for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP platforms with pictures, animation, sound, 3D, text, music and image effects. All screen savers include custom install/uninstall exe files.

Why have a Screen Saver Made?

Screen savers are a tested method for successful brand marketing. Distribute your custom screen saver to keep your business name in front of your customers and potential clients. Screen savers are more cost effective than banner adds.

How Are Screen Savers Cost Effective?

Screen Savers are the most popular software available today. The most popular get thousands of new downloads each day. Submission to screen saver software archives number in the hundreds as well as additional listings to search engines and directories over the world wide web.

Millions of computer users are looking for free software to install. Get value today and add your company profile for marketing and keep your name in front of potential customers.

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